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Backing Vocals & Harmonies

I'm often asked to provide vocals and harmonies onto already produced tracks for extra padding and depth. This can be produced from my home studio either mixed or dry to suit your projects requirements.

Lead Vocals

Working from my own professional home recording studio, I have been privileged to work with clients all over the world. I can produce the lead vocal as per your direction, whether a radio jingle or your next track.

Radio / Advert Jingles

Bringing your perfect jingle or advertisement to life, I will record all lead vocal and harmony lines as required. If your project requires spoken word for added enhancements this can also be added at the same time,

Sound Samples

(EDM) Electronic Dance Music
1. Harem
2. Question of Honour
3. Journey Home
(EDM) Am I still Dreaming
Character Song Beyond my wildest dreams – From The Little Mermaid
Harmony/Backing Vocal Samples 2 – Musical theatre

1. Its raining on prom night – Grease
2. Girls of the night – Jekyll and Hyde
3. What is this feeling ? – Wicked
Harmony/Backing Vocal Samples 1 – Mixed Music styles

1. The Winner takes it all (Italian) – ABBA
2. History of my heart – Nashville
3. Live – Celine Dion
4. Suddenly – Xanado
5. Take my breath away – Queen
Musical: Empty Chairs at Empty Tables – From Les Miserables
1. Movie In My Mind – From Miss Saigon
2. Worst Things I could Do – From Grease
Classical: The Flower Duet – Classical Aria
Acapella Multi Harmony Sample
1. The Nuns Chorus – From The Sound of Music
2. Carol of the Bell – Standard Christmas Song
Country – To Far From You – From Nashville (TV Show)
Country Music samples
Covers of 1970’s county classics from “Olivia Newton John”

1. Country Roads
2. Banks of the Ohio
3. Please Mr please

About Nicky Moran - The Session Singer

Professional session singer working with many varied clients worldwide


I have worked as a professional in the music industry for over 25 years. Working as a session / recording artist alongside my Cabaret and Wedding career

My recording life began as a hobby in my early teens and I soon began making my own albums to sell at my live gigs.

My first job as a professional session vocalist got me started within the field in just about the biggest way I could have ever imagined.

I was booked to sing as the guide voice of Sarah Brightman for a CD released by MMO (Music Minus One) and Pocket Songs Backing tracks USA.

Due to the success of the album, the producer extended the project for a further 5 years !

I went on to record as the voice of Sarah Brightman on 6 albums covering over 60 songs. Along side these albums I also completed albums as the voice of Barbra Streisand, Linda Eder, Kristin Chenoweth, Barbara Cook to name but a few.

As well as my work recording vocals for original vocal projects, I have also recorded three concept albums for new musical theatre shows, recording all characters and songs which is an area I particularly enjoy

Nicky Moran - Staffordshire

Vocal Styles

As a high Mezzo Soprano, my voice is strong and powerful whist being light and clear. I'm noted for having immaculate diction and lyric clarity.

My voice adapts easily from the ease of light pop and country to the high discipline end of musical theatre and pure classical arias.

I have completed many vocal projects across the fields of Electric Dance Music, Techno and the classical crossover genre.

In addition to the above styles, I'm often asked to record "character voices/parts" such as in Disney and musical theatre.

I work exclusively from my own recording studio, working remotely with clients all over the world.

I provide pure and clean unmixed vocals in WAV file. Most clients request this so they are free to use my vocal line in any way on their track.

If requested, occasionally I will mix in effects and EQ into the vocal or even mix the vocal line onto a finished instrumental for a client.

Session Singing is a very interesting and diverse job and I'm booked to record vocals on many contrasting project styles.
My vocal range is D3 - A5

What clients say

I have been privileged to work on many exciting projects. Its always nice to have great feed back and hear from extremely happy clients.
Nicky Moran - Thank you Card

Thank you

Lead Vocal Creation

Thank you for a very polished and professional interpretation. I will be using you again on my next project as so many people have commented.

Nicky Moran - Thank you Card

Amazing Job

Backing Vocals and Harmonies

AMAZING ! - truly outstanding. The tightness of the multiple harmonies you over-layered onto my track was just outstanding. A true professional

Nicky Moran - Thank you So Much

Cant believe it

Lead, Harmonies and backing vocals

Thank you for making the process painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! I am so pleased with the vocal and recording quality. I will refer everyone I know.

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